Date: 27th May 2020
This document describes the safe systems of work for Rotech Laboratories Ltd.  It details the temporary changes in operation and behaviour required during the Covid 19 Pandemic.   The company operates at Moxley Industrial centre, Wednesbury and Linley Lodge, Aldridge locations
1. Entering, leaving & moving around the building
Entering and leaving to the Rotech laboratories building will be via the main front door only. Hand sanitiser or gloves are to be used before entry to the main part of the building.
Once inside the building avoid crossing paths in corridors and maintain social distances of 2 metres at all times, where the work allows. Where this is not possible extra PPE is available (Masks or Face visors). All walkways, barriers and no entry signs must be adhered to.
Employees are requested to work at their own workstations (No hot desking) where possible to avoid any cross contaminations.
Any shared equipment must be cleaned down prior to use.
All works stations must be cleaned down at the start and end of each shift. 
All shared equipment such as Microscopes and hardness machines must be cleaned down daily and the cleaning log to be filled in. 
Any member of staff who thinks they are displaying Covid-19 symptoms must stay at home and isolate for at least 7 days.  Anyone who has come into close contact with someone who has the virus must isolate at home for 14 days.  This is based upon current Government guidelines.
2 .Visitors & Deliveries
Visitors are restricted to essential visitors only e.g. maintenance, cleaning and calibration.  Visitors must declare that they are not displaying virus symptoms and sign the visitor book & a visitor questionnaire.  They must observe the 2 metre social distancing rules at all time.
Where possible a restriction of 2 visitors / Witness inspectors at any one time.
Deliveries at Rotech Wednesbury site are to be accepted at the goods in area only.  Delivery drivers must obey social distancing rules and must place the parcel on the shelf provided, without direct contact with Rotech staff.
The general public are not permitted to enter the building.
3. Desks and work areas
Certain staff have their own workstations within the building. Staff must not share workstations.  Hot desks are not allowed at this time. Avoid using stationary equipment from someone else’s desk.
Avoid using someone else’s phone (Use Pick up facility on phone) where possible.
4. Cleaning
The offices and communal areas are to be cleaned every working day by a contract cleaner.  The main office and communal areas are cleaned daily.  In between, touch points are cleaned multiple times per day by Rotech staff.  These are the areas where multiple touch points are present resulting in higher risk areas for transmission of Covid 19. These include but not limited to:
  • Door plates/knobs
  • Key entry pads/fob plates.
  • Kettle & coffee making facilities.
  • Refrigerators
  • Telephones
  • Printers / Photocopiers
5. Meetings
Staff can have essential meetings together only if they can socially distance during the meeting. The meeting should be kept as short as possible. All other meetings should be carried out by teleconference wherever possible.  For any face to face meeting deemed necessary, social distancing must apply at all times.
6. Travel & Sample Collections
Only essential travel is allowed at this time.  Working from home is offered where appropriate to avoid unnecessary contact. Rotech offers a collection service. The allocated staff member making the collections, is to wear nitrile gloves and face protection if desired. The use of hand sanitiser / wipes must be used before and after each collection.
The vehicle must be cleaned down at the start and end of each day. 
7. Communal / Toilet facilities
Reference canteen / kitchen facilities restriction to one staff member at any given time in the main kitchen area and only 2 staff members at any given time in the machine shop canteen area.
Additional temporary canteen areas are provided to avoid congestion in the main kitchen area. All departmental canteen facilities include, kettles and microwaves. These must be cleaned down prior to use,  using the anti-bacterial wipes  /  spray provided.
All 4 departmental areas contain cleaning stations, consisting of anti-bacterial wipes / spray, hand sanitiser and gloves. Break times can be at your desk, outside or in your own vehicle, to keep to social distancing regulations.
Only two men are allowed in the toilet area at any given time, only the cubicles are in use at this given time to avoid congestion. The urinal has been deemed “out of use” to maintain social distancing. Only one sink will be in use at this time, follow social distancing guidelines at all times, waiting at the hazard line at the doorway until the sink / toilet becomes free to use
Clean down the facility being used prior and after use.
Social distancing, small teams, frequent handwashing / hand sanitisers and frequent cleaning are the key actions being taken to prevent spread of the virus.  Additional PPE may be required where staff have to work in close proximity for example manual handling situations.  
If social distancing is not possible and in the event of an emergency where Covid-19 contamination is suspected,
PPE should be considered.  A face mask and eye covering are highly recommended.
If any PPE is required for normal working e.g. for laboratory COSHH risks, they should be worn as usual.
PPE is used to protect the wearer from hazards in the environment.  Care must be taken when removing and disposing of PPE as it has to be assumed that the virus could be present on both the inside or the outside surfaces and the process of removal can cause the release of particles. 
Face visors must be cleaned daily, restocking of PPE / Cleaning products please see local departmental
9. Handwashing
Frequent hand washing for a minimum of 20 seconds is essential to help prevent transmission.  The kitchen area and toilet areas are available for handwashing.  Hand sanitiser is placed at strategic points across the building e.g. entrance doors for hand sanitisation where washing is not available.
10. At risk groups
Certain medical conditions pose increased risks to individuals.  Any staff member which has received an official medical shielding letter must stay at home for 12 weeks and cannot come in to work.  For anyone with a family member at home who is shielding or has their own medical concerns, additional precautions may be needed.
11. Review
The requirements will be reviewed as government advice changes.

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