TMF testing* is like fatigue testing in that the ultimate aim of the testing is to identify how specific materials behave, when temperature measurement is added. We can* measure up to 1000°C with the use of infrared emitters, induction heating, or in some cases traditional furnaces, to understand the highest temperature that can be endured by a sample, and when failure occurs.

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The preparation of each test and a full review of the agreed contract is standard procedure with every project, and our expert team* will collaborate with you regarding the different heating options, to be able to establish the optimal outcome and be able to reach the prerequisite temperatures necessary. Specific grips and fittings can be designed and manufactured, if necessary, to guarantee that the sample is correctly fitted within the machine. 

A 160kN hydraulic machine is used to carry out TMF testing, which has forced air cooling, induction heating, thermal imaging high temperature extensometry, an emissivity compensating pyrometer plus environmental control capabilities. The rate to which samples can be heated and cooled, can be synchronised or not with other controls such as load or strain, as the test requires. 

TMF Software

Within our business offering, we can provide customers in-house written and bespoke TMF testing, under contract, using the TMF software. The software has been been created to meet the most recent TMF standards, which are recognised internationally, with improved extra features which will permit tailor-made TMF research. The thermo-mechanical fatigue software is created by our own dedicated team of specialist engineers, and is regulated by a system from our sister laboratory*.

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