Rotech Provides Support To Trading Standards

We pride ourselves in our relationship with Trading Standards in their continual effort to enforce compliance with legislation in areas such product safety, licensing and investigation of those trading outside the law. 

Rotech assists local authorities in responding to public complaints relating to all types of products ranging from domestic goods such as cooking utensils and barbecues, to industrial tooling, machine fixtures, bearing and transmission components and power tools thus helping to protect consumers and maintaining a level playing field for businesses to thrive.

Rotech has provided test data used as evidence to enable Trading Standards to successfully prosecute suppliers, stopping the sale of faulty goods which could have resulted in serious injury or death.

A typical example of this is our involvement with Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council in 2015 in investigating complaints from the public that various outlets were selling elasticated luggage straps which were failing in use and causing user injury.

Our examination of the luggage straps proved that the goods failed to comply with standard requirements and were not fit for purpose. This resulted in the elasticated luggage straps being removed from sale and the supplier being convicted of selling an unsafe product to the public.     

Through our long-term relationship, we are able to apply both technical expertise and provide an important service in protecting the community.   

Trading standards offices assist consumers and businesses by ensuring that products sold by businesses are of a satisfactory quality to their consumers to promote a healthy and prosperous economy in the UK.

Factors for ‘satisfactory quality’ products include whether the product is fit for the purpose that it was advertised for and whether the product matches the seller’s description of it.

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