Rotech Supports Online Bespoke Hand-Crafted Personalised Gifts Retailer

Dreamair Ltd is an online, hand-painted glass and china retailer of personalised gifts, all produced in-house in Stoke on Trent.  They've recently designed chrome, brass and black hand-crafted door knockers for their gift customers. 

Dreamair submitted the finished heart-shaped door knocker samples to the Rotech laboratory for Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance Testing in accordance with BS EN ISO 9227:2012 & BS EN 1670:2007.

Salt spray testing is used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings. During salt spray testing, an accelerated corrosive attack is produced in order to better predict how well the coating protects the metal.

The samples were exposed to a neutral 5% salt spray for a test period of 96-hours, with examinations after every 24-hours. Observations, such as any corrosion, were to be noted and whether the corrosion had affected the function of the product. Images of the items/products are taken prior to testing and then their condition after testing.

Mair Williams, Owner of Dreamair, said:  “ Door Knockers are a new venture for us and have added to our existing home décor ranges. It was important to us to ensure that they were manufactured to a high standard. Rotech explained the testing procedures and the whole process took just over a week with detailed reports confirming the grades the samples achieved -very good by the way! This is a great benefit for us going forward selling our door knockers.”

Our test report is available on the Dreamair website and we are soon to be testing their latest bumble bees shaped door knockers.

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