Testing Fasteners for Long Term Client

For our West Midlands based customer in the fastener manufacturing sector, Rotech Laboratories has been the preferred test laboratory since 2013. They produce certified fasteners and bolts for worldwide distribution. These are supplied to a wide range of national and international sectors, including defence, nuclear, power generation, utilities and transport infrastructure. As such, it’s really important their tests are conducted to the highest standards. We provide them with expert advice and regular, high-volume testing on their samples and materials. 

Building Long-Term Relationships

We support our customer long term, with a range of mechanical, metallographic and chemical analysis on raw materials and finished fasteners. These types of tests can include tensile, hardness and impact testing, macro and micro examinations, carburisation/decarburisation, and chemical analysis.

Through the delivery of high-quality testing, backed up by our technical expertise, we’re able to help our clients deliver certified products that users trust. This helps build long term relationships throughout the supply chain.

Working in Partnership

We’ve worked in partnership with fastener manufacturers and distributors to provide a wide range of routine mechanical tests for their fasteners. Our routine tensile testing consists of putting the sample under a controlled tension load until the point of failure. This allows the end user to understand the maximum tensile strength that the sample can withstand during application, before breaking due to stress.

We take the time to understand our clients’ needs to ensure the right tests are conducted. Tests can be tailored to match specific requirements.

The Process

Our hardness testing services have been used with customer samples. A constant load was applied to the sample to create an indentation in the material, measuring sample hardness. This is especially important to ensure the material is durable enough to be used when manufacturing bolts, nuts and fasteners.

Hardness test methods used can be Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell and Knoop.

Our metallurgical team also carried out examinations into the structural aspect of the material. This gives an insight into the microstructure and grainsize of the material being used. Our customer can then identify what their sample material is made of and understand if the material has any defects or raw material issues that may affect the production of their ultimate end product.


Results from the series of tests are analysed by the Rotech team to ensure that the material meets the required standards to be used in production and manufacturing. This gives reassurance to the customer and their team that the material is fit for purpose. It also provides quality assurance and compliance, and ultimately reduces costs for producing fasteners.

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