Welding Inspection Case Study

Our specialist team at Rotech Laboratories has been the preferred chosen test laboratory , since 2014, for a customer providing an expert welding service to main contractors and steel fabricators, supporting site installation teams across the UK.  Over the past six years, we have worked closely with them to approve welders produced welded test pieces.

Rotech Laboratories was initially invited to meet the Managing Director and owner of the West Midlands based company to discuss their specific testing needs. 

Following discussions, Rotech Laboratories was provided with test pieces, which were then tested  for  compliance against product requirements or application standard requirements, such as BS EN 13445 Unfired Pressure Vessels, BS EN ISO 13804 Metallic Industrial Piping and BS EN 15085 Railway Vehicles and Components. 

Testing was undertaken at our independent testing laboratory in Wednesbury and completed within seven working days, in accordance with the customer’s Inspection and Certification’s  requirements. 

The Tests

The range of welding tests we undertook  included:

  • Weld testing, covering both BS EN and ASME IX.
  • Macro examination of Fillet welds to BS EN ISO 17639
  • Hardness testing of Fillet welds to BS EN ISO 9015-1. 
  • Testing of Butt welds for tensile strength to BS EN  ISO 4136 / BS EN ISO 6892-1,  bend  to BS EN  ISO 5173, impact tests toBS EN  ISO 9016 and hardness  to BS EN ISO  9015 -1. 
  • Macro examination and micro examination of both fillet and butt welds. 

The results of the tests provided our customer with details on whether the specimens either satisfied or failed the appropriate standards.

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