We are delighted to announce that our laboratories are now using the new Dynalab software system, which went live on the 1st September 2017. This will be a great advantage to both our internal team and to our customers in providing:

  • Reduced reporting errors and improved process efficiency
  • Better transparency of job status and tracking
  • Better audit trails and quality control processes
  • Increased workflow control with Dashboard monitoring
  • Ability to Integrate between system and analytical instruments

Dynalab is a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) that will significantly improve the function of our laboratories from sample receipt through to invoice generation. Sample tracking, data collection, reporting and costing are now available at a touch of a button.

The introduction of our new Dynalab system forms part of a significant development and investment into our parent company Rubery Owen Holdings, the family-owned company that are founded in Darlaston, West Midlands, over 130 years ago. For more information, please go to www.ruberyowen.com

Our Laboratories offer customers an extensive range of materials testing services to many sectors of industry and a far-reaching schedule of UKAS accredited tests.

Additional investments include;

A new digital Zwick/Roell BK8150 Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine is now in use and will significantly improve the testing capability of our Wednesbury based laboratory and enhance the service that our customers already receive.  The machine performs Rockwell and/or Superficial Rockwell hardness tests in accordance with established specifications, including BS EN ISO 6508 and ASTM E18.

The arrival of GNR Atlantis Optical Emission Spectrometer configured for the analysis of all of the most important alloys:

    Fe base:  Cast Iron, Carbon & Low alloy, Stainless steel, Tool Steel, etc.
    Ni base:  Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, etc.
    Co base:  Inc Stellite grades
Key features of the Atlantis Spectrometer include:

  • Analytical performances
  • Flexibility, stability and reliability
  • Accuracy and reproducibility
  • High class certified standard calibration
  • High Energy Pre-Spark (HEPS) source PC controlled
  • Shorter analysis time
  • High range of metal analysis
  • Advanced software technology
  • Very intuitive software for unskilled operators
  • Advanced service support
  • Continuous upgrade possibilities to increase productivity

We are extending our laboratory facility and we are in the final stages of installing a Cleanliness testing laboratory at their site in Wednesbury. This is due to launch in October 2017, and will specialise in verifying component cleanliness after manufacturing processes. Qualitative and quantitative detection of particulate contamination is essential in preventing costly field failures.

The Cleanliness Laboratory will primarily be for Automotive and Aerospace customers. This will allow us to increase our testing capacity with a designated laboratory offering optimal reduction of risk of contamination. It will also provide a fully contained verification process in applications where reliability is crucial and safety paramount.



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