In the automotive and aerospace sectors, and many others, precision and attention to detail are paramount. Contamination removal and cleanliness verification of components are really important in ensuring the reliability of components. This helps reduce the likelihood of costly field failures and caters for the demand for longer warranty periods.

We now offer a cleanliness testing service from our designated Nadcap accredited facility, offering a fully contained cleanliness verification process and minimising risk of contamination.

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Our dedicated Nadcap accredited cleanliness testing laboratory means we can verify component cleanliness after manufacturing processes, where detection of levels of particulate contamination is seen as critical. Our tests cover specifications for suppliers such as Meggitt Control systems, where qualitative and quantitative detection of particulate contamination is crucial in ensuring parts are free from materials which may be harmful to the functionality of the end product.

Cleanliness Laboratory

Our Nadcap accredited cleanliness laboratory provides us with a contained, controlled environment in which we are able to carry out metal cleanliness testing and test components efficiently and effectively in accordance with Inspection Standards.

Cleanliness testing is just one of the materials testing services we offer. Get in touch for more details.


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