Product testing measures a product's performance, safety, quality, and compliance with recognised standards. Independence from any manufacturer, distributor, supplier or product marketer is the principal element which constitutes an objective comparative test.

The aim of product testing is to provide consumers with the correct information to show the capability of products and demonstrate which products provide the best value-for-money.

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Provide Customer Protection

Product testing provides customer protection by analysing the marketing claims made in advertising and promotional materials and cross-referencing those with the test results.

Product testing might be carried out for a manufacturer or a consumer, importers, an independent laboratory or a Government agency such as Trading Standards.

The basis for testing is often an existing formal test method. Other test situations will require the specific development of test methods to suit a particular purpose. The comparative testing of similar products will subject several replicate samples to identical test conditions.

Product Testing includes:

  • Domestic products*
  • Hand tools, tool bits*
  • Barbecues, fire guards*
  • Saddlery & equestrian products*
  • Medical & Bio medical equipment* e.g. Syringes 
  • Household products* e.g. Ironing board
  • Garden Products*
  • Cyclic testing* e.g. Door locks 
  • Grab rails* and various other load bearing items. 


The activities identified with * are not UKAS accredited.

Typical types of testing carried out by Rotech includes:

  • Luggage straps - BS AU 258*
  • Charcoal barbeques - BS EN 1860-1*
  • Domestic candles - RAL-GZ 041*
  • Spades/forks/shovels - BS 3388*
  • Axle Stands - BS AU 223a*
  • Fireguards - BS 3248*
  • Hand hammers - BS 876, BS 876*
  • Cutlery - BS EN 8442 Parts 1&2*
  • Ladders - BS EN 131*
  • Wood working saws - BS 3159*
  • Screwdrivers - BS 2559*
  • Spanners - BS 1842, BS 2583, BS 2558*
  • Axes and hatchets - BS 2945*
  • Cold chisels - BS 3066*
  • Pliers and pinchers - BS 3087*
Our load capabilities are from 120kN up to 1300kN

Load testing can be undertaken by Tensile, Compression or Shear and to customer’s own standards.
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