Our testing laboratory in Wednesbury was recently successfully audited by UKAS to maintain our international standard ISO 17025:2017 accreditation. This certification is given to a selection of companies across the UK, who perform testing or calibration services to a high-quality standard.

Having an ISO 17025:2017 accreditation is important for reinforcing the technical capabilities and reputation of our testing laboratory. This means we are able to carry out various types of testing in our laboratories, with a quality management system process in place to deliver competent testing services and reliable test results to our customers. Without UKAS accreditation, we would not be able to conduct the same frequency of work, as customers would have no proof or recognition that we are able to meet the requirements for carrying out the types of tests that we offer. The types of tests we are audited on include hardness, impact, and tensile testing.

The UKAS auditing process takes place each year to check our quality management system (QMS) is in line with ISO17025:2017, for competencies such as resources, staff, technician knowledge and structure, and in-house processes for handling data and confidential information. The quality manual is checked, and we are audited to ensure we follow the processes and procedures set out in the QMS.

We are audited on how we choose appropriate tests, how we perform the tests to make sure our equipment is accurate, and how we report on our testing results. How we handle samples, deal with enquiries, and what we do with samples at the end of the tests is also examined.

We welcome our UKAS auditing process, as we are confident in the tests we perform, and the quality processes in place to give our customers confidence in our results.

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