We have invested in a new PreciCut 1500 precision section saw machine for 2.5k, from Spectrographic Limited, for cutting small, hard samples down to size, in preparation for metallurgical testing.

Our new low-speed precision cutter has a cutting capacity up to 20mm using a 4” wheel, or 30mm using a 5” wheel, with a positioning accuracy of 0.01mm.

Sample preparation is needed across all testing services, to ensure samples fit our testing machines. It previously took a long time to manually cut samples to size, so after a process review, a specialised machine was highlighted as an area for improvement.

We have previously purchased equipment from Spectrographic Limited and identified the PreciCut 1500 as suitable for our requirements. The desk top sized machine was purchased and installed by us at our laboratory in Wednesbury, after the Metallurgical Head of Department raised the need for the machine, to improve processes and increase efficiencies.

Samples we are able to cut down using this machine include small bolts, tubing, wires, or other fragile components.

It is essential for samples to be suitably sized within the laboratory, so our technicians can fit them into an appropriate mounting press, making the samples easier to handle for polishing and preparation work, for metallurgical testing and additional protection for small, fragile, or coated materials.

Once polished and prepared, these samples are then ready for a variety of metallurgical tests, such as microhardness testing, decarburisation, dezincification, or macrostructure tests.

We understand materials testing is an important service for our customers, to ensure your samples and raw materials comply with the correct quality standards, to avoid costly legal implications if the sample or product fails whilst in use.

As part of our company values for innovation and dependability, we aim to always provide an efficient and accurate test result service for all of our customers. Part of this aim includes constantly innovating our materials testing capabilities and equipment, such as the purchase of our new machine.

The precision cutting machine helps us to provide increased accuracy for cutting samples, so more time can be spent on obtaining your crucial materials testing results.

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