Welcome to Rotech Labs

Rotech Laboratories Limited provide an extensive schedule of accredited tests and offer a large range of testing services to many sectors of industry. Rotech is proud of its comprehensive product knowledge and the ability to provide technical support to all its customers. Rotech Laboratories have successfully developed a unique position within the laboratory testing scene providing immediate, friendly, personal and professional advice from extensive experience. We believe in sitting down with customers and discussing issues using as far as possible non technical jargon which can sometimes frustrate customer needs.

Major test work includes:

  • Failure analysis and manufacturing investigations - using optical and electron microscopy and x-ray analysis.
  • Microstructural evaluation to examine aspects such as weld quality, effectiveness of heat treatment, case depth, grain size, coating thickness etc.
  • Product finish testing utilising a fully equipped coating testing laboratory for the evaluation of painted, phosphated and electroplated finishes by salt spray, humidity, thickness,adhesion tests etc.
  • Chemical analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys using ICP-OES, Spark-OES and Leco C+S and nitrogen determination.
  • Mechanical testing - including tensiles at ambient and elevated temperatures, impacts at ambient and sub-zero temperatures, hardness and bend testing, and a full range of tests on fasteners and welds.
  • Heat treatment - small batch heat treatment of stainless steels and superalloys, and special techniques such as SPWHT and PWHT.


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