As Rotech Ltd looks to the future we recognise that our continued growth and success will depend on a blend of youth and experience.

Over the last few years we have worked hard to create a balanced and enthusiastic team and we are particularly proud of our younger members of staff who are employed as Apprentices and junior Technicians, recent photographs of whom are included on this page.

Currently we find it relatively easy to attract graduates in Materials Science, but the core strength at Rotech is metallurgy and we have had difficulty in recent years in finding suitable part-time academic courses for our younger employees. However, we have now found a suitable multi-disciplinary metallurgy course and the feedback from our attendees and from the course organisers is very encouraging.

We positively encourage our Apprentices and young people to realize their full potential and we offer career progression for those who are able to take on additional responsibilities and who wish to advance to more senior positions. They are to be congratulated in the dedicated way they go about their duties and in their ability to learn technically challenging new tasks.

Collectively they have shown an admirable understanding of the primary business need of accurate and reliable results, all being reported in a reasonable time frame. After all this is Rotech’s primary product, which is delivering a service upon which our customers can have confidence.

Our more senior Technologists and management team play a crucial role in training, developing and mentoring our younger staff. One of our more mature members of staff, who is also an excellent ferrous metallurgist, is only 80 years young and still going strong! He says that it is the youngsters that ‘keep me on my toes’!

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