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Chilly’s appoints Rotech to verify the grade of stainless steel being used in their stainless steel bottle

Chilly’s Bottles appoints Rotech to verify the grade of stainless steel being used in the inner and outer layer of their 500ml stainless steel bottles.   Read More

SPX Clyde Union Pumps audit team ratify Rotech’s quality management system in meeting the requirements of ASME III, NCA 3800 for the supply of mechanical and chemical testing for nuclear and safety-related products. Read More

Mechanical - Trading Standards Case Study

We pride ourselves in our relationship with Trading Standards in their continual effort to enforce compliance with legislation in areas such product safety, licensing and investigation of those trading outside the law. Read More

Case Study - Flask Lid Bolts

Some of our clients need more rigorous laboratory testing than others.  When it comes to the bolts that hold on the lids of flasks used to transport irradiated nuclear fuel by train, there is no room for error. We were recently asked to test these bolts, so we extended our accreditation and used new methods to ensure all the appropriate regulations were met. Read More

Chemical - Hot Dip Galvanising Case Study

Midland’s-based Rotech Laboratories has a strong, well-established reputation as a test house offering a first-class service to support our customers. This is evident in our long-standing relationship with the UK’s largest hot dip galvanizing organization. Hot dip galvanizing is the process of coating iron or steel with a layer of zinc by immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc. During the process, a metallurgically bonded coating is formed which protects the steel from harsh environments and corrosive attack. Read More

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