If your requirement is to understand how your product behaves under inconsistent or changeable loads, with our sister laboratory*, we have the capability, under its flexible scope of accreditation (UKAS Testing Laboratory No. 6202), to conduct fatigue testing for you and work with customers in the automotive and engineering sectors and collaborate on programmes of fatigue testing on a variety of components and materials.

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Understanding how any component behaves is at the heart of fatigue testing. The test data allows us to determine the decisive failure area of the material. Adding cyclic load to the test product provides the reliability assurance required for a specific product. Our sister laboratory*, has the most up-to-date technologies and accessories used in fatigue testing, and is accredited to test in compression and tension from 1600kN down to 0.12kN, with a broad range of instrumental options.

Any testing conducted will be subject to contract review and customer agreement prior to commencement of any testing. Specific grips and fittings can be designed and manufactured, if necessary, to ensure that a test specimen is correctly fitted within the machine.

As part of our business offering, we provide solutions for bespoke fatigue testing, to customers’ own requirements and have a range of accessories and instrumentation available for use. 

Should you want to speak to one of our expert team on fatigue or TMF testing or have a specific component that requires a bespoke fixture, please call our team on 01384 382 253.

*For full information on accreditations and certifications, visit www.phoenix-mt.com.


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