We are able to offer a range* of routine tensile testing for samples including fixings and fasteners, bolts and nuts ranging in size. We are proud to have a design team who collaborate with the in-house lab to design and build brackets to accommodate your sample if necessary.

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Wide Range of Testing Capabilities

With a clearance for 750mm between the front columns, the largest machine in our laboratory* allows us to offer tests for extremely large assemblies and samples. Should you have a specific component that requires bespoke fixtures, please call our team.

We are able to offer a range* of tests, including:

  • Fasteners testing, which is imperative for companies needing to know the maximal strain of a sample before failing, whether that be screw, nut or bolt.
  • Proof load tests, which are for companies wanting to understand the heaviest load the sample can lift before failing. 
  • Wedge testing – which is specifically designed to understand how much stress a square head or hex head fastener can bear.

The 1600kN machine can test sizes - up to M39, and boasts the ability to test large samples with an extensive range of fixtures including:

  • 750mm x 1010mm compression plates
  • Bend fixtures (both 3 & 4 point), complete with 1000mm span adjustable roller
  • A range of mandrels, complete with adaptors
  • Fastener and bolt testing (from M5 up to M39)
  • Nuts (again, from M5 up to M39)

*For full information on accreditations and certifications, please visit www.phoenix-mt.com

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