Witness testing ensures that the tests carried out on customer products and samples are validated and unbiased. It is an additional safety compliance measure that demonstrates if a product is fit for purpose, and that they have been independently checked and approved by a third-party organisation. 

It is the responsibility of our customer to arrange a third-party witness inspector. This may be a representative from the customer’s company, a registered inspection body, or a representative from our customer’s end user, or a mixture from all three companies. 

We allow up to four different representatives to visit our site for witness testing. This allows several representatives involved in the same witness testing procedure to verify the tests and report. 

Please note: due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we are only allowing one representative on site during this time. 

We offer witness testing services for all our test procedures, from mechanical, metallurgical and chemical analysis, to welding tests, salt spray tests and fasteners. Any test we perform at Rotech Laboratories can be witness tested. 

Yes, we have implemented additional safety measures to allow our customers and third-party organisation on site to carry out witness testing. 

In addition to our Covid Safe Systems of Work policy, we have limited the amount of witness testing inspectors to our site to one per visit, and have provided visitors with a designated witness testing office to reduce contact with our staff, and we are encouraging social distancing measures. 

We provide masks, visors, disposable gloves and hand sanitiser to all visitors, and temperature checking equipment is also available if needed. 

Yes, we offer virtual witness testing through Microsoft Teams, where the inspector is able to watch live video recordings of the test being carried out if they are working remotely.

Similarly, we can arrange videos and live verification of documents and reports to be supplied to the inspector if they are on site at Rotech but wish to share this information with other inspectors that are unable to attend the site for witness testing.

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