We carry out a range of materials testing services that help determine the causes that have led to the failure of a part, equipment or structure/s. This is called metal failure analysis or failure investigation. If you're looking for a failure analysis lab, get in touch with our team.

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Why Investigate?

Causes of failures include, but are not limited to, design flaws, material selection, raw material issues or misapplication of the component. Undertaking failure investigations can help to prevent failure reoccurrences and improve product design, therefore reducing costs.

How Does Failure Analysis and Investigation Work?

To begin a failure investigation, we gather information regarding the part’s history, including material type and specification, processing technique, service conditions, and events preceding the failure. From there, the sample or part will go through the failure investigation process outlined below:

  1. Preliminary visual examination to reveal any defects, fractures or corrosion
  2. EDX microanalysis, performed using a facility on our Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  3. Scanning electron microscope examination to establish fracture mechanisms
  4. Metallographic examination to determine microstructural features, such as phases present, heat treatment condition and internal material flaws
  5. Hardness testing
  6. Tensile testing
  7. Chemical analysis to check the sample meets compositional requirements
  8. Lastly, the results will be analysed and summarised

For examples of recent failure investigations, view our latest case studies.

The activities identified with * are not UKAS accredited. 

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