Rotech is proud to announce the introduction of a waste recycling process that will allow for 65% of its general waste materials to be recycled, by working with our new waste management provider, Fortress Recycling and Resource Management Ltd.

The new scheme has been championed and implemented by Principal Administrator Angela Groves.  Rotech is now playing its part in waste recycling, helping protect natural resources and diverting material from landfill.  Rotech will also enjoy an overall annual saving of nearly £4,500, which equates to a 75% reduction in waste and recycling costs.

Angela commented:  “We are extremely pleased to be making a difference to the environment and working with Fortress could not be easier.”

The recycling scheme will cover:

  • Paper, newspaper and cardboard
  • Shrink wrap, bubble wrap and plastic film packaging
  • Drinks cans and aluminium trays
  • Drinks bottles and plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles and Jars

For further information, please contact the Rotech team on 0121 505 4050


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