At Rotech Laboratories, we are a UKAS accredited metallurgical test laboratory to ISO 17025. Using our range of on-site facilities, we are fully equipped to meet your metallurgical testing needs. In order to provide the highest standards of testing and technical support, our staff are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge of products and processes. As well as providing a wide variety of accredited tests, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and personal service – we always go out of our way to speak plainly to our customers, avoiding technical jargon as far as possible.

Our services include:

Metallurgical Testing including Failure Investigation

Failure investigation is one of Rotech’s core activities. Our metallurgy departmentconsists of a team of highly qualified metallurgists with a number of years of combined experience, which is important in allowing us to provide accurate diagnosis of problems and defects, as well as delivering detailed and meaningful reports for our customers.

As well as providing metallurgical investigations of service failures and fractures, we can also carry out production investigations and provide advice on manufacturing and process problems, as well as the assessment and analysis of corrosion products and a number of other tests.

Mechanical Testing

At Rotech, we have been providing mechanical testing for many years and this department is a long established mainstay of the business. Our sample preparation workshop is large and well equipped, allowing us to provide a number of tests, including:

  • Tensile testing
  • Impact testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Weld testing
  • Bend/Shear/Torque tests
  • Proof load/Tensile/Wedge tests

In addition to more traditional testing, we can also provide bespoke mechanical testing services to suit our customer’s requirements.

Product Testing

As well as mechanical testing, we are also experienced in providing testing for a wide number of products, for example, testing the durability and performance of tools. To discuss your product testing needs, please call us on 0121 505 4050

Chemical Analysis and Product Finish Testing

In order to establish that metals have the desired mechanical, corrosion and physical properties for specific purposes, chemical analysis is significantly important. Our analytical staff are highly experienced in providing a wide range of chemical analysis tests for different metals, as well as painted/plated finish salt spray and humidity testing to determine how different materials and products will react to weathering.

To learn more about our range of accredited tests and services please call us on 0121 505 4050 to discuss your testing requirements.


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